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"Everyone there is great. They made buying a bike an experience and not just a purchase. I went in not sure what I wanted and they put me on one bike after the other and sent me out to try them out. They took the time to make sure I got what I wanted. Today I went to pick up the bike figured I'd just go in and walk it out but no! Hoyer set the bike up on a trainer and fit me to it. To the point that he adjusted things he said would bother him if he didn't. Thanks Guys!"

Michael L., Telford, PA

"I've been going to Bikeworks for years. I've tried other places but nothing compares to the friendly atmosphere and the customer service whether you're a new rider or a season pro. It had been a while since I had a tune up on my bike so I stopped in and they had it done in under 45 minutes!! Amazing service!"

Heather C., Schwenksvillle, PA

"I just wanted to let you know that I made it!  I climbed both Aubisque and Tourmalet. Thanks for the "jump start" with my training and prep for this trip. The HR training was what I needed."
Mark S, Sellersville, PA

"Amazing! You guys had more belief in my ability to do the Univest 60 than I did!!! Thank you so much for your guidance and patience this year. I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again."

Jane, Harleysville, PA

"On behalf of the Department of Environmental Protection, I would like to thank Jason Meyers for taking time on April 1st to come out and speak to Department staff and Montgomery County employees on Bike Commuting Basics and Safety. Jason's presentation was very informative and well received by the group. The props he brought, especially the bike, which everyone was hoping would be raffled, added to his presentation.  He was very responsive to the group during question and answer and was able to provide helpful feedback to the group.

I believe Jason's presentation helped to gain support for the Greater Valley Forge Transportation Management Authority's Bike To Work Challenge. Our office, which had 10 participants last year, was able to double that to 20 riders this year. Personally, Jason and the other staff at Bikeworks, has always been there for me, whether it was helping me after an accident, purchasing the new bike, or just to offer some assistance when needed. 

Thank you for being there for me and the staff at DEP."


Jim R
Air Quality District Supervisor
PA Department of Environmental Protection

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank each of you very much for your service & support. Earlier this year, I visited your studio to purchase my first road performance bike for my goal of competing in an Ironman. The consultation I received and the support have been excellent!

I purchased my bike from you and have received excellent customer service since. You have truly stood by your product and have provided timely and needed advice as I matured through my training season. I feel as if the Bikeworks staff has become an integral part of my team.

Training for an Ironman alone is not an easy task. This was made easier because of your technical & expert support in regards to my equipment and nutritional needs. I would also add that I have always felt welcomed and at home.

I will continue to recommend BW to my friends, family & colleagues. Thank you again for your dedication & commitment. You were definitely a part of my success! See you in the shop soon."

Sincerely, Alex T
Ford Ironman Louisville

"Thanks for putting more fun in my life."
Ed, Lansdale, PA

"I just wanted to say thanks very much for fitting me with my new bike (Monterey 2.0) last's perfect! I love my bike! Thanks to you and Jeff for a wonderful service. I love your bike shop. It is truly 'customer oriented', something that a lot of businesses profess in word, but not in action. I especially appreciated 'test riding' the different models so that I could make a knowledgeable decision. The staff at Bikeworks are very knowledgeable, very helpful, not pushy, and are serious about matching the customer with the 'right' bike. Keep doing what you're doing!"
Tom, Collegeville, PA

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the outstanding professional way that each of your sales people treat and educate each customer when they come into your store. We never felt pressured by anyone to buy anything! It was awesome to experience visiting such a wonderful store with a large selection of bikes to choose from and making our purchase there...thank you again for your kindness and for the integrity of everyone there at Bikeworks! We will be telling many people about your store!  You're the Best!"
Bill & Lorraine, Woxall, PA

"Dropping a line to say thank you for everything! The new bike is really nice... smooth on the flats and it climbs like a "son of a gun!" It is the best climbing bike I've ever owned... no flex can I feel either when I stand. I also like the compact design; I'm not hitting my knees on the top tube when I stand now... thank you again for everything!"
Chris, Pringle, PA

"I want to thank you for my most recent purchase of the Trek Madone 5.9L. The responsiveness and fit of the bike is terrific. When called upon it really accelerates and climbs like a pro bike... performs flawlessly. You did a great job of setting me up on the bike. Right out of the store the fit seems just right... I want to thank Bikeworks for helping me in the decision of a bike purchase. For me a bike purchase is much more than just "spending the money". Since the bicycle provides me many hours of very enjoyable time, I consider what and where I purchase my bicycle very important... the Bikeworks team did an outstanding job of assisting me in this decision. Thank you for spending the time and providing a great product that fits that I will enjoy for many miles."
Dennis, Harleysville PA 

"I recently purchased an entry level road bike at your shop. I am writing to let you know that the entire experience has been positive. Both Ed and Marc spent a large amount of time with me to make sure that I was buying the right bike for my needs. These two members of your staff are a credit to your business and the cycling world as a whole. They wanted to make sure that I got a bike that would meet my needs while keeping my budget in mind. I shopped at two other local bike shops and they both tried to up sell me on bikes that were far more than I need right now... Ed and Marc's help did not stop there. They both spent time with me in regard to proper fit of the bike as well as comfort (even after the sale), and proper training techniques. With the help of these two gentlemen, you have won a customer for life."

Shaw, Hatfield, PA

"I just wanted to extend my thanks for your tremendous service and support yesterday. You guys put me into a bike that got me back into what I loved years and years before. Anybody can sell hardware, yeah you can buy anything off the web, but at the end of the day, it is the shop that says, yeah we will rent you the highest end road bike available for a mere $25.00. It is not about the money, but the attitude and just love of biking that shows through. My hat's off to your staff for everything. As you know Joel is one serious rider throughout Oregon, puts in over 200 a week, so you know when he says "these guys are great", it says a hell of a lot. Keep the good work."

Dave. Harleysville, PA

"I have to say that I really appreciate the service I still get at Bikeworks. It's been a while since I've needed work on my bikes, but I've been in about 3 times for various things over the past month or so, tune up, new brakes, broken spoke... I always get great service from everyone. Jessie usually checks me in and is always very pleasant. My bike has always been ready within a few days - usually faster than expected. I was running later than I had planned tonight, but Dan and Ed could tell I wanted to go on the ride and got me set up very quickly - Dan swapped out my wheel while Ed checked me out. Both were very patient with me when I came back in because it didn't shift just right. Thanks again to everyone for the great service."
Melissa, Collegeville, PA

"I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for just being a GREAT bike shop!!! Every time I walk in I have complete confidence that I am getting top notch service, advice and product. Keep up what you guys are doing because you've got it right. Thanks again for all your help."
Mike, Pottstown, PA

"On behalf of the Lower Salford Township Police Department, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to you and your company, for your sponsorship of National Night Out. You and your company are to be commended for your support of our community. We could not have hosted such an event without your help. It is organizations such as yours that make our township a great place in which to live or work."
Officer Diaz, Harleysville, PA
"I wanted to say thanks for getting me onto this new Seven. I rode it yesterday on Jason's Sunday 50 mile ride. The comfort and feel are more than I expected.  I usually begin to get some back pain around 2 hours into a ride, but even at 3 hours my back was feeling pretty good. It is a sweet ride. Thanks."
Bill, Pennsburg, PA
"Yesterday we rode a 70-mile ride that included going over Iron Mountain which is a 3 mile climb that averages about a 7% grade with 12% pitches and than 30 miles later we went over Mt. Roan!!! Mt Roan is an eight mile climb that averages about 6% grade and seems to go on forever - I was feeling fairly good until 2 miles to go when I started wanting to get off the bike and I thought to myself what the hell was I thinking trying to climb this thing? But once I got to the top and started down the descent, which was about 10 miles long but fast as hell and I was able to recover... Jason thanks so much for helping me get my fitness to a level that helped me reach my goals."
Stuart, Harleysville, PA

"As an older dude, who in my 20's was riding many centuries, at 50 plus you guys put me back in the saddle. From the get go the experience was - what do we need to do to allow me to enjoy riding among the hills of PA. Your shop feels like a home away from home, always offering little tidbits of advice here and there. That is why you will continue your unbridled success... it is the love of the sport, passion, and helping people. It just comes through. After my wife battling cancer and winning, you helped her to just simply choose the right ride. Thanks again for taking the extra step."
David, Harleysville, PA